Sunday, 4 January 2015

One Year Progress Update

I wouldn't have imagined that I'd go 9 months with no post and little practice.  I allowed other things to get in the way of my goals, but I'm happy I've been dedicating time to my practice again the last month or so! Despite my work travel and other commitments, I'm looking forward to making much more time in year two :)

I've been working on Gavotte Martini from Suzuki Book 3.  It's very rough and needs work.  I have a mute on for the recording, which is the only way I can play in my apartment.  Some would say I should have a mute on all the time anyway!

I seem to still have all the same beginner problems I had in March, including needing to work on:
  • Clean string changeovers
  • Bow Control
  • Using more bow
  • Loose wrist (getting there but not loose enough)
  • Dynamics, although this one's tough with a mute on :)
I welcome any constructive feedback!