Monday, 10 February 2014

Week 4

I worked my way through Essential Elements Book 1 over the first month, and learned everything but the Minuet 1 to varying degrees of proficiency.  I recorded 3 tunes on my unplugged electric.  I need to get an amp to improve the sound.

Slurring Practice - Essential Elements Song 155 - Monday's Melody

Slurring is when you continue to bow in the same direction while playing more than one note.

Staccatto Practice - Essential Elements Song 182 - Surprise Symphony

I didn't have instruction on doing staccatto at this point, but my new teacher gave me some much needed pointers shortly after I recorded this.

Fourth Finger Practice - Essential Elements Bonus Song - Pedal to the Medal

I still struggle with 4th finger a few weeks later, but I'm working on it!  This song is fun as it's a bit 'rocker' reminding me of Smoke on the Water.