Sunday, 9 February 2014

About Me

I'm starting this blog of my journey learning violin at the two month mark.  I'll use this blog to post my progress so I can look back and see I'm actually learning (I hope!), for fun, and for any related topic that I fancy.  Maybe it will inspire some other potential student to try it out too.  The beginner posts of other adult learners made me brave enough to try.

I've loved string instruments my whole life.  As a child I wanted to play violin but didn't have the opportunity.  For many years in adulthood I had on my annual New Year's resolution list to learn violin, but I never took that first step.  Intimidation?  The idea that if I didn't start as a child, then it's too late?  Busy career?  So many reasons and artificial barriers that I'm so happy I impulsively removed. I got so much more than I expected as it's much more of a passion already than a pass time.  What took me so long? 

I purchased a Cecilio Electric CEVN-1 from after discovering the wealth of online resources and community at that's there for someone like me, as an adult learner, who wasn't ready to sign up with an instructor from day one.  I also discovered shortly after, starting online lessons with Michael Sanchez.  Between these two sites and the amazing, supportive communities that have built up around them, along with some great new friends from these communities, I have more than enough inspiration and help for years to come.

I also purchased Smartmusic and I'm sure it's helping me learn faster and it makes it so much more enjoyable hearing myself play to a backing track.  The instant score and other feedback (intonation, rhythm, etc) is very  helpful and makes me strive to keep getting higher scores, like a video game only better.

I haven't played an instrument in 33 years, and had 3 years of piano, clarinet, recorder back then.  From day 1 I knew this would become a happy obsession and I'm just loving this journey I'm on!