Saturday, 22 February 2014

Beginner Level-Up! - First Time Changing Violin Strings

Following an initial rookie mistake of winding the wrong direction on my G string, I got my strings changed for the first time with no major mishaps.   I had a bit of trouble getting one of the strings strung through the fine tuner but a gentle widening with a screwdriver fixed that.  

I was confused by the bit of plastic on my 'E' string.  One of the helpful folks on a chat forum explained that if I don't have parchment on the bridge I should use this little plastic tube on the bridge so the E string doesn't cut the bridge.  Thanks Dan.  Makes sense.  Hope I placed it ok!

That's another violinist milestone completed!  What a difference already from the factory strings that came with my Cecilio electric to a set of Dominants.